Message From The President and CEO

I am Professor David K. Addae, the President, and Chief Executive Officer of Global Human Capital Development Corporation (GHCDC). We are incorporated in the Great State of Mississippi and registered with the Federal Government of the United States of America as an S-Corporation. Our Head Quarters is in the historic city of Natchez, Mississippi, USA. We have offices in several cities globally.

Our vision is to be the premier organization for Human Capital Development solutions through training, consulting, and workshops. We are uniquely positioned with excellent physical and human resources, including a cadet of qualified and experienced professors and industry experts across the spectrum of education.

Our mission is to train executives and senior level employees to perform at their highest potential. That is why professional development is our core deliverable. Our people support your people therefore, enabling employees and businesses to perform at their highest potential through training. At GHCDC, our values are based on Integrity, Empathy, Collaboration, Responsibility and Growth. To our team these are more than words, they are our DNA.

We at GHCDC are extremely mindful of the severity and magnitude of the global challenges before us. The confluence of crises, dominated by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemics, Climate Change, and Conflicts. For the past three years, we had to suspend our training, consultation, and workshop activities due to the challenges facing humankind. The spin-off impacts on food and nutrition, health, education, and environmental degradation had affected sustainable development mostly in the developing countries where we have most of our clientele.

Organizations today need a partner that understands the skills necessary for a thriving and modern workforce, – and need a way to achieve economic and career mobility through training. That is exactly what I am known for as the Director of Workforce Education Leadership for over 25 years at Alcorn State University, Lorman, Mississippi. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of GHCDC, we can give your employees what they need most: options. Whatever their learning style or career paths, participants receive flexible, innovative, game-changing, and affordable training. This training can boost the strengths of your talent pool and lay the groundwork for new levels of success.

Our partnership approach is unique. Based on your organizational goals, we carefully select programs and services that will helps our clients gain job-ready skills to help meet your goals. Training, Seminars, Workshops, and Consulting Services that helps your organization and employees grow and thrive. We are welcoming back all government, private sector, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) all around the globe to contact us for their training and professional development needs. Thank you.

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