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Business Management

Business management is the guiding force that oversees employees, projects and production in a business. Corporate management refers to all levels of managerial personnel and executives in a business that has been incorporated.

Informally, corporate management may refer to managers and executives that operate at the corporate headquarters and act as the primary leaders of the business. Managerial roles are found in human resources, information technology, production, finance, legal and executive areas.

This Advanced Management Skills training course takes place over a 2-week period and provides delegates with a broad range of management and leadership theories and practical tools to apply in their working environment.

It is designed for participants in experienced senior management roles and those who work with colleagues in senior positions. The course will teach participants how to set objectives and targets to achieve the vision, mission and goals of an organization as well as how to use leadership skills to inspire and unite an organization.


    1. An increased confidence and the ability to influence people positively
    2. How to apply assertiveness skills in leading and managing an organization
    3. Learning how to solve problems creatively and develop and sound decision-making techniques.
    4. Developing and applying negotiation skills and techniques to a range of situations
    5. Ways of inspiring and motivating people through winning presentations
    6. Learning how to apply NLP™ and emotional intelligence techniques to self-development

  1. Chairman, Chief Executive, Finance Director, Company Secretary

  2. Board Members
  3. Directors of Strategy
  4. Directors of Policy
  5. Directors of Departments